Credible Election Integrity Analysis

Twenty-plus, or-so years ago (wow), I recall seeing early instances of the joke that goes something like this, “He read the whole internet…” Twenty years ago, the joke sort of worked as there was a remote twinge of plausibility among the gullible and those unfamiliar with WWW (yes there was a time).

Interestingly, as we waded into the “Information Age,” there developed a concern, propagated by information gate keepers, “You know, you just can’t believe everything on the internet.” Such admonitions were written and spoken with a between-the-lines message of, “We didn’t have this problem before the internet.” However, in my best fake French accent, I protest, “Au contraire!”

The reality is that with the advent of the internet, we gained access to a much broader collection of information, rapidly, and conveniently available. With that came a new-found ability for Joe Citizen, with his own practical and objective wisdom, to better pursue his own due diligence in sorting through the muck of information, internet-spread information and otherwise. The gatekeepers were exposed as the manipulators that they were, and are.

The necessity to do our best to sort fact from falsehood has been with us since the first human uttered his first word.

I found the herein-linked author within online postings of another recently found resource. Both are new to me, but within their work, both display intellectual integrity, seriousness in their work, and acceptance of personal and professional risk in their efforts to paint for us portions of the larger picture of truth.

Among his credentials, Paul Craig Roberts is a Professor of Economics with one area of focus being Political Economy. I was vaguely familiar with the term, “Political Economy,” but in considering his credibility, I further expanded my awareness of that field and summarize that for you here in the form of the Websters Dictionary definition:

Political Economy – the theory or study of the role of public policy in influencing the economic and social welfare of a political unit

This is only ONE area of Dr. Roberts’ credentials. It seems to me that he is well-qualified to hold some gravitas in such an area of great concern. He is not a man running for office. He is not a “journalists,” (but, as you will see, he holds such ‘professionals’ in low esteem). And, he is well into his gray-beard-status years, given that he is 80 years old.

Given these facts, I assess Dr. Roberts as not having a dog in this fight, so to speak, except for his commitment to the seeking and exposition of truth.

Please have a read merely of his bottom-line-up-front summary of the 2020 election being stolen, or continue the deep dive as he has done and as he provides the information resources for you to look at the things upon which he bases his conclusion.

I will be adding Dr. Roberts’ blog to my frequent reading list. Not because of agreement, but because I believe he is a smart guy from whom I can learn some things.


This subsequent post by Dr. Roberts is perhaps more important than the one above.